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Welcome, this site aims to bring together in one place, interesting and unusual stories about members of the 'Bolitho' family. It's not about one particular branch of the family, but anyone from anywhere who's name just happens to be Bolitho.

Some, possibly most, stories will only be of real interest to family members, others may be more wide ranging in their appeal.

The site is in it's infancy and there will be more stories added with updates to those already present as new information comes to light.

Errors and ommissions

If you find any mistakes made on any of the pages on this site we will be pleased to hear from you via email. Similarly if you can add further information to any of the stories, then please contact us also, so that we can update and correct the relevant pages.

Have you got a story to tell about a member of the family, they don't have to be famous or indeed infamous, just interesting, then please feel free to send us an email with the details. We will reply to you and put the story on the site as soon as we can.

All submited articles will be accredited to the author.


We will always respect the privacy of individuals and visitors to this site. None of the content is, or will be intentionally offensive. Currently nobody listed here is still living, but some will have living descendants. If you feel that anything that appears here, in anyway, dis-honours you or your ancestors, then please contact us via email, we will investigate and if necessary amend or remove the offending content.

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Cookies are not used by us for any purpose, we do not believe in invading anyones privacy in anyway. Any emails sent here are regarded as "private" communication between us and the sender. Email addresses, IP addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers are considered to be 'private and confidential' and are never revealed or passed on to third parties.

If an individual wishes to contact someone via this site we are willing to forward correspondence only, but not reveal addresses as already stated, unless permission is obtained first, by us, from the recipient.