Bolitho Family History

Spelling variations


January 2013

A bit more mucking about with the theme. Changed the top which was a bit bland and I didn't like the font used for "Bolitho" or the fact that it was an image, not text. Added some montages to either side of the title and a faded one behind.

September 2012

 Orphans  updated and corrected with information supplied by Alan Jessopp.

July 2012

Cleaner website re-design. The old black and grey is finally gone to be replaced with a crisp white design written from scratch. More pictures added to most pages and information updates to others.

August/September 2008

Website completely re-written. Updates made to  Dambuster  and  Orphans  pages

July 2007

 Rev. H.W.Bolitho  by Ann Bolitho-Jones added

July 2007

 Gallipoli  a poem by Staff Sergeant Sydney Bolitho added

Update - May 2005

All javascript has now been removed from the site.

May 2005 and is finally on-line

After almost six months the site actually has some content. Until now its had only the bare bones, a banner (now gone), some buttons (also gone) and several blank pages (they've gone too!). Version 2 had lots of javascript, just for the menu this has now been hacked to bits, a load of images have been dumped and the 'javascript' stripped from every page except the home page and replaced with HTML and CSS. This has been done, in order to cut down on large chunks of identical code and images being repeatedly downloaded for every page and so hopefully speeding the site up a fair bit.


The main priority is to expand the site with the addition of more stories, while also filling in the gaps in some of those already listed. As more information comes to light, it will be used to update pages where necessary.

Fine tuning

Although the structure of the site is now complete, fine tuning and optimisation of some areas will continue. Also work continues to find the best way to remove the 'javascript' used on the home page without changing the layout or functionallity of the page.