Roll of Honour

This Roll of Honour is a tribute all Bolitho's who gave their lives during conflicts around the world and during peacetime

World War 1

Private Colin William Bolitho
1896/7 - 28th July 1916
3019, 8th Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
Only son of William Charles Bolitho and Selina Bolitho
Mornington, Victoria, Australia

Private Frederick Bolitho
** ** **** - 7th November 1914
9021, 1st Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment

Rifleman Fleetwood George Bolitho
** ** **** - 11th April 1916
Z/2909, 2nd Bn, Rifle Brigade
Son of Edward George Bolitho and Harriet Bolitho
Primrose Hall, West Silvertown, London, England

Petty Officer 1st Class Fleetwood John Bolitho
** ** **** - 3rd February 1915
167341, HMS Clan McNaughton, Royal Navy

Private Frank Lucas Bolitho
** ** **** - 26th May 1917
5042, 7th Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
Born at Bendigo. Son of Ellen Bolitho and the late William Bolitho
Merton Street, Albert Park, Victoria, Australia

Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Richard Bolitho
** ** **** - 25th October 1916
4th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
formerly served with the Devonshire Regiment
Son of Captain Edward Alverne Bolitho, Royal Navy and Catherine Bolitho
Trengwainton, Heamoor, Cornwall, England

Private Joseph Bolitho
** ** **** - 29th May 1917
1801, 39th Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
Son of William Bolitho and Emma Bolitho
Native of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

World War 1

Private John Moore Bolitho
** ** **** - 4th May 1917
16738, 1st/4th Bn, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Son of Elizabeth J. Moore (formerly Bolitho) and the late John Bolitho
Plain-an-gwarry, Redruth, Cornwall, England

Private Kendall James Bolitho
** ** 1892 - 21st October 1916
3715, 5th Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
Son of Thomas Bolitho and Lucy Kendall Bolitho, of Riddell, Victoria, Australia

Private Percival Bolitho
** ** **** - 17th October 1916
43152, 17th Bn, Manchester Regiment
Son of John H. Bolitho and Mary Bolitho
Tremellen Street, Accrington, Lancashire, England

Staff Sergeant Sydney Bolitho
** ** **** - 1st May 1919
1104/2167, 6th Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.

Private Thomas Bolitho
** ** 1886 - 24th April 1917
1529, 31st Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
Son of Thomas Bolitho and Lucy Kendall Bolitho, of Riddell, Victoria, Australia

Second Lieutenant Victor Ayling Bolitho
** ** **** - 9th April 1917
Household Battalion
Son of Walter Henry Bolitho and Julia Ann Francis Bolitho
Lorne Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, England

Private William Bolitho
** ** 1897 - 20th September 1917
3252A, 6th Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
Son of Mrs Margaret Mary Bolitho and the late Walter Bolitho
Nestor, Allingham Street, Golden Square, Victoria, Australia

World War 1

Lieutenant Colonel William Edward Thomas Bolitho DSO
** ** **** - 21st February 1919
Commanding, Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry
Son of William Bolitho and Mary H. Bolitho, Polwithen, Penzance, Cornwall
Husband of Ethel Grace Bolitho (Macleod), Trevelloe, Paul, Penzance, Cornwall

Gunner William Harry Bolitho
** ** 1893 - 11th May 1917
65330, 242nd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
Only son of George Bolitho and Grace Ellen Bolitho
Newbridge, Penzance, Cornwall, England

Lieutenant William Torquill Macleod Bolitho
** ** **** - 24th May 1915
19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal ) Hussars
Served 2 years in Royal Navy as midshipman
Son of Lt. Col. W.E.T. Bolitho, D.S.O. and Ethel Grace Bolitho
York House, Trevelloe, Penzance, Cornwall, England

World War 2

Captain Alfred Bolitho
** ** **** - 26th November 1941
26154, 3 Field Regiment, South African Artillery
Son of William E. Bolitho and Annie E. Bolitho
Malvern, Transvaal, South Africa

Corporal Edward Bolitho
10th January 1905 - 12th August 1947
WX35790, Australian Army Medical Corps
Husband of Alma Bolitho of Leederville, Australia

Serjeant Francis Ernest Bolitho
** ** **** - 23rd/24th October 1942
6202817, 1/7th Bn, Middlesex Regiment
Son of Francis James Bolitho and Minnie Bolitho
Edmonton, Middlesex, England

World War 2

Private Herbert Thomas Henry Bolitho
** ** **** - 14th March 1944
5442789, 5th Bn, Essex Regiment
Son of Herbert P. R. Bolitho and Jane Hart Bolitho
Briton Ferry, Glamorgan, Wales

Private James Erwin Bolitho
** ** **** - 19th August 1942
B/66558, Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.
Son of Archibald Bolitho and Sadie Bolitho, of Toronto, Canada

Private Kenneth W. Bolitho
** ** **** - 23rd August 1944
B/128509, Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.
Son of William Bolitho and Ida Bolitho, of Toronto, Canada

Captain Michael Lempriere Bolitho
** ** **** - 8th November 1942
70151, Coldstream Guards
Son of Richard John Bruce Bolitho and Roselle Bolitho

Petty Officer Wireman Peter David Bolitho
** ** **** - 20th March 1945
D/MX 62514, HMS Lapwing, Royal Navy
Son of Adolphus David Randolph Bolitho and Ethel May Bolitho
Clevedon, Somerset, England

Sergeant (Air Gunner) Richard Bolitho
** ** **** - 17th May 1943
1211045, 617 Squadron, RAF Volunteer Reserve
Son of William Bolitho and Jane Bolitho
Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Engine Room Artificer Samuel Symonds Bolitho
** ** **** - 7th May 1944
V/25531, HMCS Valleyfield, Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve
Son of John Henry Bolitho and Elizabeth Bolitho
Husband of Edith Henrietta Bolitho, of Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada

Lance Corporal William James Bolitho
** ** **** - 14th July 1943
6206586, 1/7th Bn, Middlesex Regiment
Son of James Bolitho and Minnie Bolitho, of Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Husband of Edith Alma Bolitho, of South Tottenham, Middlesex, England

Korean War

Private Harold Bolitho
1st May 1924 - 25th April 1951
3400203, 3rd Bn, R.A.R.
Son of Mr E. Bolitho, Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia

Royal Humane Society
- Bronze Medals -

Petty Officer 2nd Class F. J. Bolitho
** ** **** - 7th February 1904
HMS Resolution, Royal Navy
Case number: 33113
In rough seas, on the 7th of February 1904, a cutter from HMS Resolution, capsized approximately 1200 yards off shore in Vigo Bay. The majority of the crew were able to scramble onto the up-turned keel of the boat. However, one seaman was spotted, drifting away. Bolitho went back into the water in an attempt to save the man. But, he along with two others was drowned.

Lt. Edward Alverne Bolitho
1841 - 1908
HMS Agincourt, Royal Navy
Case number: 18837
- No further details are available at present -